good reads | 11

havana cuba
I love a thoughtful link roundup as a way to discover the fantastic writing others are reading and sharing online. Here are my good reads from the week that was.

Good Reads

Menstruation: the last great sporting taboo.

From Lucky Peach: a guide to the regional ramen of Japan.

On that note: thanks for all you do, umami. 

Manterrupting. Bropropriating. Goofy words, but we’ve experienced it. Some advice to help make it stop.

It’s not yet a pressing matter for our family, but stories like this one make me really grateful to have a year of maternity leave if/when the day comes.

Mixing a classic cocktail with AutoCAD.

I used to be embarrassed to have Ivanka Trump as a professional role model — she grew up with a silver spoon in mouth, after all — is her success really of her own making? Interviews like this one remind me why I’m over it. 

Looks like my husband can (almost) join me on that trip to Cuba.

Insights from my day job: things media companies could learn from the roll-out of the State of the Union.

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[lead image: Old Havana, Cuba]

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2 thoughts on “good reads | 11

  1. i completely agree about Ivanka Trump. she’s really impressed me. whatever i feel or perceive or think i know about the Trump family is irrelevant, she has really proven to be so intelligent and put together and someone who grew up incredibly privileged but has not squandered it like other people in her social/economical level.

  2. Lan, it makes me so glad to hear this from a someone I respect! I have had to segment her from my perception of the Trump brand (real or imagined). In every interview I’ve seen or read, she comes across as intelligent, articulate and aware of her immense privilege.

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