good reads | 14


I love a thoughtful link roundup as a way to discover the fantastic writing others are reading and sharing online. Here are my good reads from the week that was.

Good Reads

A momentous day for my country: in a unanimous ruling, the Supreme Court of Canada strikes down the ban on doctor-assisted suicide.

Daniel Frank ranks the best and most underrated restaurants in Toronto.

On public shaming. But mostly, a reminder to be thoughtful with our words and to treat others with kindness — online and off.

The newcomer’s guide to eating in Portland, Maine. (And here’s ours.)

On Being interviews Mary Oliver, and it’s just about the most beautiful thing, ever.

Museums are banning selfie sticks. Rejoice.

Think twice before always baking the office cupcakes.

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[lead image: Mary Oliver and her dog, from On Being]

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2 thoughts on “good reads | 14

  1. i used to be the one who brought treats into the office, especially in the heyday of my baking experiments. i now refuse to bring anything in, unless it’s for a company-wide potluck situation. i admit this freely: recently i witnessed a female colleague make breakfast for her entire group. when she left the cafe with her tray of goods, a male colleague turned to me and said “she’s That Girl in the office.” it made me sad, but i also felt relief because i’m no longer That Girl.

    1. Lan: a mentor early in my career heeded becoming That Girl. It’s made me hyper-tuned to “office housekeeping” ever since, for better or for worse. I am keen to put my hand up in all manner of ways — to lead a hard project, to mentor an intern, to hold an information interview, to teach a course… but I am reluctant to bake the cookies.

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