good reads | 18

Paros, Greece

I love a thoughtful link roundup as a way to discover the fantastic writing others are reading and sharing online. Here are my good reads from the week that was.

Good Reads

How TripAdvisor is changing the way we travel. 

Why Instagram food porn is shot from above. 

This article makes me grateful that Austin and I walk to work together each morning. 

Love that the April cover story of Conde Nast Traveler focuses on my beautiful Cyclades’ lesser-known Greek islands, including Antiparos, Paros, Naxos and Koufonisia. Alas, no Schinoussa (my grandma’s island home), but we’ll keep her to ourselves! I can’t wait to return this summer and introduce Austin to my beloved patrida.

Warning: food talk ahead… 

Have you seen the round-up of 2015’s James Beard Foundation Award nominees? I’m pretty thrilled to see some old favourites (Alice Medrich, David Lebovitz, Yotam Ottolenghi, Anthony Bourdain, Amanda Hesser & Merrill Stubbs, Sean Brock, The Violet Hour, Donnie Madia, Mark Ladner, Wylie Dufresne) and lesser-known (Jennifer McLagan, Gavin Kaysen*, Curtis Duffy**, Masa Miyake, Mike Wiley, Edward Lee) chefs, restaurants and authors up for accolades.

Also stoked to see my favourite book of 2014 — Dan Barber’s The Third Plate — nominated for best Writing and Literature.

Speaking of, if you haven’t read Kevin Pang’s brilliant piece for Lucky Peach about prison chefs — up for the MFK Fisher Distinguished Writing Award  — now’s the time.

*Five years back, I did some solo travel eating my way through New York City. One restaurant I hit up was Cafe Boulud, then headed by young spitfire chef Gavin Kaysen. He came out of the kitchen and chatted with me for longer than he needed to about cooking, sourcing ingredients and the demands of running a Boulud kitchen. It was a star-struck moment for a girl who adores chefs. When, last year, he announced he was leaving Cafe Boulud and moving to Minneapolis to hang his own shingle, I thought it was a huge risk. So happy it’s paying off.

**Duffy’s tasting menu, when he was at the helm of the now-shuttered Avenues in Chicago, remains one of my favourite dining experiences. So happy to see his first restaurant gaining acclaim.

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[lead image: beautiful Paros, Greece, where I have spent many a summer’s day]

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