good reads | 19

ABCs of typeI love a thoughtful link roundup as a way to discover the fantastic writing others are reading and sharing online. Here are my good reads from the week that was.

Good Reads

A photographer spies on unsuspecting tourists.

What we’ve long known: spend your money on experiences, not things. 

Behind the scenes of Barbie’s brilliantly art directed and brand managed Instagram account. 

In case you missed it: everyone’s upstairs neighbours. 

I’ve never understood the Lily Pulitzer aesthetic, but I’ve also never been a sorority girl.

50 years of American spice consumption. 

My mom didn’t let us watch much TV as girls, but Leni and I had Sharon, Lois and Bram on our set. Lois Lilienstein passed on Wednesday. The world is darker, but we will always have skinnymarink e-do.

I’ll just be over here, reading all the Iris Apfel interviews.

Typography nerds unite.

What are your weekend plans? Austin’s been in Chicago this week presenting at a conference, and I’m off to join him for some belated birthday celebrations! I’ll be sharing snaps on Instagram.

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[lead image: ABCs of Type by Pop Chart Company]

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2 thoughts on “good reads | 19

  1. this made me laugh out really loud: but I’ve also never been a sorority girl.

    we’re training for a half marathon, and there might be an herb garden planted, and we’re also minimizing our closet, taking it to the bare bones… all because i read this article, i now want to achieve this.

    enjoy chi-town!

  2. Thanks, Lan!

    And yes! I’ve spent the last year down the un-fancy rabbithole — she seems like such a lovely human. I have a close-to-capsule wardrobe and it’s a freeing thing. Good luck with clearing out.

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