good reads | 32

flower house detroitI love a thoughtful link roundup as a way to discover the fantastic writing others are reading and sharing online. Here are my good reads from the week that was.

Good Reads

Mexico’s incredible uncovered underwater temple. 

The Flower House was the loveliest thing to bloom in Detroit in a long while.

Fellow frequent flyers: good news — these days, your checked bag is 21% less likely to become lost. But I still recommend you skip checking bags, entirely.

A riveting piece on Marie Henein, the criminal lawyer set to defend Jian Gomeshi.

The $70,000 minimum wage. 

Yikes. Not sure how this passive aggressive ad campaign got through Airbnb’s PR team.

Long form: I was sucked into Elizabeth Egan’s debut novel, A Window Opens, after reading about it on one of those “GOOP’s 10 Summer Must-Reads” lists, or some similar click-bait.

It was an easy (I suspect, hotly autobiographical) page-turner… but my life is about 10 years behind the protagonist, Alice, with respect to everything, which made it difficult to relate. A frustrating career, myriad family obligations and crumbling social life paint a picture of the “million balls in the air but none juggled particularly well” phenomenon of the late-30s career woman who wants it all. Still, Egan’s writing was smart and fun, and I’ll probably pick up her next effort. (And I loved reading Jenny’s opposing reaction to the book from earlier this week.)

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[lead image: The Flower House]

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