good reads | 36

mast brothers chocolateI love a thoughtful link roundup as a way to discover the fantastic writing others are reading and sharing online. Here are my good reads from the week that was.

Good Reads

I’ve never understood the hype over Mast Brothers’ perfectly-mediocre-if-beautifully-packaged chocolate, so this article made a ton of sense.

When Toronto finally decides to get cold, I’m making like a Norwegian and embracing winter. 

To those Americans fleeing President Trump: welcome to Canada!

Last year at this time, an article about relative unknown Elizabeth Holmes made my best of 2014 list. A year later and I’m still utterly compelled by the Theranos CEO and her company’s evolving story.

Do you see a square?

We’ve been exploiting this first year in our beautiful home to host friends, family and colleagues through the holidays. Both this sticky cranberry gingerbread and spiced pear upside-down cake were big hits, served up with a little unsweetened whipped cream.

King Richard III tries his hand as Dear Abby to the Republican presidential hopefuls.

Long form: This week I read Tracey Lawson’s A Year in the Village of Eternityafter picking it up on a whim from my local library branch. It’s a beautiful food memoir that spans the author’s year in the village of Campodimele, Italy — the village of eternity — where people live abundant, long lives. The book is sectioned month by month with the ebb and flow of the harvest — tiny broad beans and baby artichokes in April, peperoncini and tomatoes in September, and so on. Each chapter is devoted to an ingredient’s story with a few recipes to match. It was a speedy, happy read that left me with a dozen new recipes and deepened commitment to eating the seasons.

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[lead image: Mast Brothers’ gorgeous product packaging]

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One thought on “good reads | 36

  1. i finally finished reading that article about Elizabeth Holmes. her business/company aside, and based on MY opinion and what i think life should be: she appears to be a lonely woman. this line: “She has no personal life to speak of.” she’s looking to improve life for others (bravo) but she doesn’t seem to be living much of a life.

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