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Disney Renaissance

I love a thoughtful link roundup as a way to discover the fantastic writing others are reading and sharing online. To that end, here are my good reads from the week that was.

Good Reads

Disney princesses re-imagined as Renaissance women.

A devastating look at Palmyra after Isis.

“Embracing a minimalist lifestyle is an act of trust.” I have many mixed emotions about the KonMari method. It frustrates me, because I often see it executed from a place of privilege and waste: many of its most vocal proponents use it as justification to discard their possessions and buy newer, more “joy sparking” replacements. In spite of this phenomenon, I don’t believe it was Kondo’s intent to spur rampant consumerism in sharing her method. As a quasi-minimalist who appreciates my material possessions for a wealth of reasons — beauty, practicality, sentiment, memory, to name a few — I appreciate her perspective of having fewer things with beautiful purpose. The act of keeping and discarding is a complicated one, as this article hits home. 

A US law school has a PR nightmare on its hands… because it forgot two laws of communications: 1) Always check your acronyms; 2) Don’t put out big news on April Fools’ Day.

On the flip side, Sweden is a country of PR pros. Another cheeky, smart, on-brand campaign from the country dropped earlier this week. 

In a world of smoothies and media. I greatly enjoyed — indeed, savoured — this read from an old blog favourite, Food Loves Writing.

(Dumpster) diving into Toronto’s love-hate relationship with the bold and curious city-dwelling raccoon.

How dapper is this little diner who recently scored a reservation at Sukiyabashi Jiro?

The world’s flags, in seven charts. Happy intersection for we design-slash-data nerds.

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[lead image: Belle reimagined as a Renaissance woman]

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